Defend your critical assets

Global Relay is a leading Telecom security management consultancy company specialised in network infrastructure security, OSS, BSS and RAN Security, Telecom fraud management and information security.

Our services

We provide high-quality solutions tailored to the challenges today’s companies face, investigating breaches, improving resilience to threats, developing countermeasures and solving strategic security issues.
• Secure mobile communication
• Secure apps development
• SS7 signalling security
• Advanced intrusion testing
• System assessment and mitigation
• Host hardening
• Architecture review
• Security policies
• Risk management
• Incidence response
• Application review
• Protocol analysis
• Secure software engineering
• Critical infrastructure security
• 3g / 4g security
• Fraud control and management
• VAS design, implementation and operations
• VAS software development
• IP network design
• Reconciliation and revenue leakage analysis
• IP / MPLS network optimisation
• Mediation and provisioning
• Billing and CDR processing

Our products

We develop a range of targeted solutions to meet the needs of different organisations, in order to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems.
Some of our products are listed below.


Secure Event Management Collectors

Typically deployed onto a Mobile Network Operator or an Internet Service Provider, this security management solution allows security administrators to get a real-time view of the current threat level over a critical infrastructure. The SEMC consists of an array of passive, non-intrusive sensors that are deployed in key locations transparently and without any impact on services. The sensors report in real time to any compatible SIEM and can be customised to enforce a set of rules triggered upon security alerts.


Anomaly-based Fraud Detection System

The patterns of fraud inside a telecommunication network have evolved over the years and traditional FMS (Fraud Management Systems) cannot cope with the sophistication of certain technical fraud techniques. The AFDS employs a novel approach to fraud detection, not only by analysing traffic patterns and alerting of deviation, but also by enforcing a self-learning anomaly detection system which identifies abnormal patterns that could be indicative of fraud.


Secure Payment Gateway System

The SPGS is a versatile, multi-protocol payment processing and accounting system. It allows services operators to enable payment processing through a variety of methods, supporting credit cards, debit cards, premium billing, hot billing, IP billing, prepaid vouchers, subscription cards and bank transfers.


Secure Tactical Mobile Communicator

The STMC is a new generation of mobile applications that create a secure operating environment within a mobile phone. It is compliant with several government security standards such as FISMA, USGCB, PCI DSS, APRA and ISO 27001. This product can be deployed by companies and government institutions to provide their users with complete privacy, military-grade encryption, and a full suite of enterprise management applications.