Telecom security and fraud protection

At Global Relay, our number one priority is to secure your company’s critical information, data and infrastructure. Global Relay reunites experts in telecom security and software development specialists, to offer its customers advanced technical services and solutions aimed at identifying, controlling and eradicating all threats that could harm their strategic interests.


Telecom security and management

Composed of talented personalities with complementary skills, our growing team assesses, analyses and durably protects the integrity of our customers’ critical infrastructures and sensitive databases that require systematic monitoring.
For decades, each one of our experts has provided quality Telecom security services to prestigious companies. Today, Global Relay aims to federate these high profiles in a unique task force in order to develop an exceptional expertise and provide the best security assistance and full support to lead our demanding customers towards their goal. 
Our comprehensive understanding of cyber security enables us to offer a wide range of services that deliver high-level protection, identifying vulnerable targets, managing risks, detecting breaches and responding effectively to our customers' needs. 
Our technical excellence allows us to design the right tools to empower our clients through products that report threat levels in real time, innovate fraud management systems and payment systems, as well as secure mobile communications.


Blockchain services

Our new Blockchain lab provides custom-made solutions in the innovative area of Blockchain and digital currencies, hyperledger, smart-contracts audit, and crowdsales. 
Our young team experienced in Cryptography applied sciences focuses on every opportunity and new innovation brought by the Blockchain technology, and is the best partner of any company seeking to innovate and take the lead in their industry.
We can develop, assist and conceive new Crypto Payment Gateway implementations, Smart contracts and Lightning technologies. 
From its conception to the final market-ready product, Global Relay delivers a large range of development services. We provide a stable and scalable technology that you can count on to launch your project.
Industries we serve
Profit from our expert advice to bring you real solutions
Hire our skilful team as your external contractor partner
Have one of our top members based in your company for a period of time


Our experienced professionals deliver highly relevant conferences in exclusive sessions. By invitation only.

Professional trainings

Our experts can equip your team members to respond to your security needs through professional training sessions in your own facilities.

We analyse our clients' needs to prevent, detect and investigate their organisation’s vulnerability



Where we operate

Based in the heart of Europe, our management team provides world-wide logistics, operations and support according to the clients' requirements. Our technical task force operates everywhere in the world, remotely and/or on site.Our international business targets markets in full growth and is expanding to a promising global reach.