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Globe Relay Inc.

Company History

Globe Relay Inc. was established in 1999 in Hong Kong by a group of experts in IT and telecommunications. The company began offering consulting services to GSM / 3G mobile telecommunications operators.

IIn 2000, the company embarked on research and development efforts that quickly led it to become one of the leaders in the field of communication systems. Its experts present their research annually in the best-known conferences.

The company is also particularly interested in raising public awareness of the risks incurred by the global signaling system of telecom operators.

Globe Relay Inc. decided to expand and develop its activities across the world to identify potential commercial and technical partners that may contribute to its core business, the telecom networks.

The expansion strategy and the activities of the company around the globe focus on three main areas:

  • The deployment of a team of experts to identify the commercial opportunities of new and promising markets.
  • The identification and development of new technological and technical solutions in addition to the activity of the parent company.
  • Support for the headquarters’ operational activities.

Our assets

At Globe Relay Inc. we have set ourselves the goal of providing the best support for our customers in the continuity of their business and their development. We have the crucial expertise to respond to complex needs and to critical assignments for the Telecom industry, private companies and State organisations.

Our company works jointly with several partners spread over 3 continents to provide advice, and security and R&D services. We offer a set of last generation technological products and services with strong added values. Our human-scale structure and our team of young and talented specialists offer us flexibility and reactivity which are essential to the perfect execution of our sensitive operations.


We are always on the lookout for new talents in Telecom software development. If you are passionate about the latest cyber technologies and want to be involved in complex projects, contact us for an opportunity to work in a dynamic, rewarding and enriching environment.

St Georges Building, Suite 1908
No. 2 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong